End-to-End Learnable Geometric Vision by Backpropagating PnP Optimization

We propose BPnP, a network module for backpropagation through a PnP optimizer, as if the optimizer were a differentiable function.

Anomaly Detection via Neighbourhood Contrast

Relative scores such as Local Outlying Factor and mass ratio have been shown to be better scores than global scores in detecting anomalies. While this is true, our analysis reveals for the first time that these relative scores have a key shortcoming: …

Satellite Pose Estimation with Deep Landmark Regression and Nonlinear Pose Refinement

We proposed an approach to estimate the 6DOF pose of a satellite. Our method won the first place in the Kelvins Pose Estimation Challenge organised by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Neighbourhood Contrast: A Better Means to Detect Clusters Than Density

Most density-based clustering algorithms suffer from large density variations among clusters. This paper proposes a new measure called Neighbourhood Contrast (NC) as a better alternative to density in detecting clusters. The proposed NC admits all …