Update Compression for Deep Neural Networks on the Edge


An increasing number of artificial intelligence (AI) applications involve the execution of deep neural networks (DNNs) on edge devices. Many practical reasons motivate the need to update the DNN model on the edge device post-deployment, such as refining the model, concept drift, or outright change in the learning task. In this paper, we consider the scenario where retraining can be done on the server side based on a copy of the DNN model, with only the necessary data transmitted to the edge to update the deployed model. However, due to bandwidth constraints, we want to minimise the transmission required to achieve the update. We develop a simple approach based on matrix factorisation to compress the model update—this differs from compressing the model itself. The key idea is to preserve existing knowledge in the current model and optimise only small additional parameters for the update which can be used to reconstitute the model on the edge. We compared our method to similar techniques used in federated learning; our method usually requires less than half of the update size of existing methods to achieve the same accuracy.

In CVPRW 2022
Bo Chen
Bo Chen
Machine Intelligence Scientist